The Last Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Service in Zimbabwe

Background Story for Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

He is the pastor of the ones who believe in God in Christ embassy ministry. preaches the word of God. He is a Pastor, he is also a teacher, a healing minister, a television host and a best-selling author. He has preached to people for more than thirty years. Pastor Chris preaches to people day in day out. He is a committed Christian , he believes in the lord. He preaches to people and they get saved. He is a sinner but his sins are forgiven by the lord.

Christ Embassy Ministry

It is a worldwide ministry with the aim of preaching God’s word to the nations of the world and to show the character of the Holy spirit. The church sees to it that all men and women are saved and follow Jesus Christ.

Zimbabwe Event

The church prepared a big rally for visit. The rally was based in Zimbabwe. The rally was free of charge for those who had not registered as church members. Many people registered to so that they could attend the worship and communion miracle service. Many people had come for the service before the pastor came so that they could have seats to … Travel More